PROJECT: Zero to One Million
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PROJECT: Zero to One Million

This living document outlines and explains the project Zero to One Million.

Latest update: Jun 16, 2021

The journey of a solo founder (me) bootstrapping my way from zero to one million. Building in public and documenting everything along the way.

$1,000,000 annual run revenue (ARR)

To figure out if it is possible 👉 to prove it is possible. And to document all that it takes - mistakes, mess-ups, and all. The whole process of working through from zero to reaching a goal. (updated Jun 13, 2021)

Start Date: June 1st, 2021
Goal Date: TBD (broadly 1-5 years)

Solo - ability to tap into help as needed
No hustle
Stay true to me throughout the process = authentic

IDEATION | OPTIONS (updated 6-16-21)
Subscription as a Service - Mid Price Point
Subscription as a Service: Low and High Price Points
Paid Community
One-Off Products - e.g. manual, guide, book
Courses - Single purchase and Subscription

Deep Dive to Mid Price Point Saas - Paid newsletter
Deep Dive to High Price Point Saas - Do-it-for-you services

👉 Could be a combination of more than one.

These are the numbers from my social media accounts (6-1-21).

Twitter: 9,998
LinkedIn: 23,845 (actively using)
Facebook: 21,302 (reviving from being deleted)
Instagram: 3,116
YouTube: 0
TikTok: o
Podcast: 0
Subscribers / Members: 0

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