DAY 000 - Project Zero to One Million
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DAY 000 - Project Zero to One Million

Day 000

This is the beginning.

The start of a new challenge, a new project Zero to One Million

I'm documenting every step of the way, just as I did with going viral on LinkedIn (you can find the case study here), with the exception that this time I'm doing it live - as I'm doing it (not afterward). I explain what I'm doing and why. I share the reasoning behind my thinking. I share data, mistakes, fails and wins.

Follow along. Learn from my mistakes. Take what resonates with you and apply them to reach your goals.

There is a lot to cover. This is the beginning.


From $0 to $1,000,000 in revenue (ARR)

Iā€™m counting the actual days that I work on this project. Aiming for 5 days a week.
šŸ“ I have a tendency to work too hard and burn out. Knowing this I'm forcing myself to take days off to recharge and keep my creativity flowing.

This is a solo project. That is, the vast majority of the work is done by me. I will use help as needed.

This is an ambitious goal, but I believe it's achievable. I have been a part of creating and growing 7, 8, 9+ figure companies, but not this way. This is different, challenging, and exciting.

Believe IT is possible and make it happen.

Whatever your IT is.
I believe you can do it. But, YOU, you have to believe you can do it.

Now that the goal is set Iā€™m going to forget about it. Meaning, Iā€™m not going to obsess over it. I'm breaking down the goal into many small goals and actionable steps.

At this point, I'm not defining THE product/service that will make it to 1 million.
One way to build a company is to have a product and then try to get people to buy it. This is NOT it.

I'm going to
1) Let the audience show the way
2) Find where my interest is strong i.e. what I love
This I believe is the sweet spot. (more on this later)

I'm going to focus on building something in a marketing niche because I have a large skillset and years of experience (17).
(more about > why it is important to pick the right niche)

I'll focus on solving a problem the audience has.
Problem > You > Solution

That is it for this Day 000.

Let's GO!

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