DAY 005
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DAY 005

Followers or a Community?

Which one do you choose?

I choose community - every day, all day.

Target market sounds sterile.
Buyer persona sounds cold.

We are people. You and I.

Followers are followers.
Community is a movement.

Build an audience > Guide to community

I'm hearing more and more about the rising desire for specialized communities. People are getting beyond tired and fed up with large, general communities like Facebook and the likes. The time has come to create and find a community that is specialized, where you belong.

When you see an opportunity to lead change - take it.

Creating a  specialized community is an opportunity.

Right now.

For example, you could create a community for developers, or designers, or real estate agents.

On point.

This leads me to:

Community Revenue Model

There are a couple of ways to go about this.

  1. Free community - Paid Ads/Sponsorships etc.
  2. Paid community

The first option isn't attractive to me, although it's been successfully done (ActiveRain for example).

Paid Community could be an option. You can build products on top of it (courses, merch, etc.) And there is competition.

This is good.

I dug into i.e. researched communities today. I love the idea of a community. I have been part of a few (good and bad).

I also build a community from 0 to 50,000+ members in 12 months a few years ago. It was a free community.


With the goal of 1 million ARR there are several things to consider in building a community. Competition, pricing, what value are you bringing, are you be able to provide enough value, and also how can you manage it by yourself?

This needs to be thought through in more detail.


I ran a community of 50,000 members with 3 assistants. I worked 12+ hours a day. And I burned out.

Lessons learned.

I have ideas for a community. Different. Ideas. Not what others are doing. As such, I'm keeping building a paid community on the list of possibilities.

The competition didn't scare me.
I'm different.
The competition proved there is a demand, a need.

A paid community is on the table!

A detailed breakdown of my community research will be available soon.


⏳ TIME = 3 hours | total = 23 hours
🧾 COST = $108 | total = $108

1️⃣ Research about communities: competition, pricing, and the strategies in building an amazing community

Now more than ever people want a community. The human need to belong is powerful, primal.

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