DAY 003
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DAY 003

It's far away.

Preparation is one of the keys to make it there.

The journey starts with the first step. Building an audience starts with providing massive value. 1 person. Then 10, 100, and so on.

Proper preparation and planning are important.

If I was planning to climb and (hopefully) summit Mount Everest, but I was only prepared and packed to make it to basecamp,  I'd only make it to basecamp. I'd drastically fall short of the objective.

So, I need to look at what it takes to make it to the top. To the summit.


For the best chance of success 🏆

I need to consider the market sector, market size, business model, pricing, competition, and so on.

For example, if I focus on a super small micro-niche, it may not be possible to reach 1 million ARR. Or if I focus on a do-it-for-you service, being the solo doer, I may fall short. I alone can only - physically - do so much each day.

📝 I'm not saying something short of the objective would be terrible. It wouldn't be. If that was to happen = you learn, and you can try again with more knowledge.

Having said that, my goal is to make it.

So I ask - What does it take to get there?



For the first week or so I'm heavily focusing on ideation, and today is no different.

Ideation is an extremely important exercise in finding gaps in thinking, filling in missing pieces, and honing in on a possible viable path/s.

I'm looking at a few possibilities:

1️⃣ Subscription as a Service: Paid Newsletter
2️⃣ Subscription as a Service: Paid Membership > Community
3️⃣ Subscription as a Service: Do-it-for-you services
4️⃣ One time purchase - e.g. swipe file, manual, roadmap
5️⃣ One time purchase - course/s

Find more details in this project document.

👉 I will post an article for each as I work through them.

For each of these options, I'm looking at:
Market Size

And I'm thinking:
Is there a need?
Is there a problem?
What could be done better?
How do I operate?
What can I offer?
and so on


I spent some more time thinking about the paid newsletter option today. I kept coming back to wanting to test a platform that would make this easy. If you missed my frustrating Day 002 around this, you can read about it here.


I worked through my thought process in low and high pricing options for Subscription as a Service. IDEATION - Subscription as a Service - Pricing Low vs High


⏳ TIME = 4 hours | total = 16 hours
🧾 COST = $0 | total = $0

1️⃣ Ideation + Research
Product/Offer models

📝 About Research
Each day I work on the project I spend some time on the different platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) learning about each - what's happening, what's working, what sticks out, who is there, what is being talked about, etc. This research is invaluable for many reasons (more on this later).

And no this is not mindless scrolling.

Reaching the summit requires preparation and planning. Figure out what you need to give you the best chance of reaching the goal.

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