MINDSET - The Beginning is Hard
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MINDSET - The Beginning is Hard

Don't let this scare you.

The beginning is hard.

Maybe I shouldn't say this, because

"If I think it's hard, it will be hard."

But, maybe it's better just to admit it and deal with it. It won't stop me from moving forward. I'm a firm believer in dealing with things, rather than letting them fester.

I have always felt disjointed at the beginning of anything. It's normal, you may feel it too. It takes time to get going and to gear up, but once you get going and reach some milestones you get into a rhythm and rock things out. I will let you know when I feel I'm at this stage.

One of the things I do when I state something to be true, or when I feel something: anxiety, sadness, etc. is I ask why.

Why? Why am I feeling what I'm feeling? Why do I think this?

So here I ask:

Why do I think the beginning is hard?

The answer:

It's because at the beginning there are so many variables to considers. So many decisions to make. What if I make the wrong decisions? What if I make mistakes?

There is overwhelm.

And there is fear.

The fear of making wrong decisions.
The fear of forgetting to consider something important.
The fear of failing.

But here's the thing!

These are not bad things.

To feel fear is normal.
To feel fear helps you put the pieces together to succeed - or to choose something different.

You can use fear to push you forward.

There is little certainty that what you choose will be the "right" thing.
But the only way to find out if it is - is to go forward and test it.

If the only thing you do is spend time looking for the right thing, you will be looking forever. Always thinking about getting started, but never starting.

So what do I do with this information, knowing why I think the beginning is hard?

Too many choices to make > narrow down/simplify
Too many decision to make > narrow down/simplify


Always simplify.

💡 One of my guiding principles is > Less is More.


Limit the decisions you need to make to the most important ones that matter right now, that is, those that you need to make to move forward.

Move forward.

Become aware of your operating system (OS). Keep a journal. Jot down notes about how you operate. What are your go-tos? What are your guiding principles? What are your rules? Strengths? Weaknesses?

Your OS will help guide you on your journey.


P.S. I'm adding my OS here.